Quality Wood For Barbecues

Over time, people have developed what they perceive to be improved, faster and cleaner ways to grill different types of meat. Although these methods have their own advantages, there are those who still believe in doing things the old fashioned way: using firewood for their barbecue mainly because the type of fuel used has a great effect on the overall taste of the meat. However, given the different types of firewood and their quality, you need to be deliberate when choosing the bbq cooking wood to ensure that you get the highest quality for a number of reasons.
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Quality equals flavour

There are different flavours that can be produced through the use of quality wood. Some types of wood will produce fruity tasting meat while others will produce a salty-sweet taste. The flavours range from mild to strong depending on the type of wood, the grilling period and the quality of wood. The higher the quality of the wood, the better the taste and aroma. Ensure that you understand the desired taste and the type of wood that could produce the flavour before you start shopping for your wood.

Less wood

The estimated grilling period has a great effect on the amount of firewood required. Meats that are grilled over a long period may utilise high amounts of wood if low quality wood is used. The rate of deforestation is very high and therefore, we should be mindful about our environment. The higher the consumption of wood, the higher the rate at which trees are cut down. When you use high quality wood, you minimise the quantity of wood required to grill a given quantity of meat. This contributes to preservation of forests. However, this should be supplemented with regular tree planting.


This is not only irritating to your body but it also minimises the quality of the grilled food. Smoke is produced when the wood used has not been dried up properly meaning that the oils in the wood have not been allowed to age properly. Instead of these oils contributing to the quality of the barbecue, they are lost. In addition, the smoke steams the meat instead of grilling it properly. High quality wood- hardwoods that have been given sufficient time to dry up- do not emit smoke and therefore the grilling experience is highly improved.

Mastering the art of grilling requires a deep understanding of all aspects including choosing the meat, firewood and other ingredients as well as understanding how to create a fire and maintain the correct temperature in order to achieve the desired flavours. Choose your bbq cooking wood wisely for the best flavours.